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  • Others/Notes
    • Can I play TEKKEN7 in different region with only one card?
      You can play TEKKEN7 all over the world with one card.

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    • My Customization is not reflected.
      Some player icons will not be displayed for Asia version with public order and morality point of view.

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    • My Battle History in Japan is not shown in the result
      The result on the TEKKEN-NET will only be shown for one version. The history that was played in other regions won't be shown.
      ※All data will be loaded and saved despite the regions

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    • Is the Ranking system common for all over the world?
      The Ranking system is independent for one region.
      ※They will not be mixed up for Asia and Japan

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    • How does Ranking point work?
      The Ranking point will be saved for all played regions

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    • Is there any paid contents for the website?
      It' all free.

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    • I can't log-in to TEKKEN-NET
      The access is limited with region registered to BANDAI NAMCO ID.

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    • Why can't I buy those items which are sold for Japan in Asia version market?
      The items in sale are different according to various reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

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    • Can I transfer data from TEKKEN TAG 2?
      The Data Transfer is not available.

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    • Can I play the both TEKKEN TAG 2 and TEKKEN7 with one card?
      YES. The game data is independent for the both.

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    • Is there any notes for inputting the name or comments?
      only alphanumeric symbols are free to use.
      ※You can't input 2-byte characters such as Japanese characters.
      ※The inputted characters will be checked with the prohibition terms and by visual inspection.

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   Arcade linkaged Website related Common questions

  • Registration/Cancel
    • I would like to cancel my membership of the BANAPASSPORT Card Site.
      The BANAPASSPORT Card Site (this site) does not have a function to cancel memberships.
      Please note that although the link between your BandaiNamcoID and the card will be deleted by deleting the BandaiNamcoID on the BandaiNamcoID registration site, your membership of BandaiNamcoID supporting sites other than the BANAPASSPORT Card Site will also be canceled.
      You can continue to use a game function on a card that has deleted the link but once the link to the card is deleted, card site functions such as data migration can no longer be used.

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    • I forgot my password.

      Please follow the procedure on the reissue password page.

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  • How To Play
    • I want to register my BANAPASSPORT Card.
      Please register your card using the following steps.
      [Registration Steps]
      1. Login to the BANAPASSPORT Card Site.
      2. Click the Register button on the registration page of My Page.
      3. Enter the access code for your card.

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    • My card is corrupt and cannot be read.
      You can login to the BANAPASSPORT Card Site and migrate your data to a new card on My Page.
      The card needs to be registered on the BANAPASSPORT Card Site to migrate the card data.
      The card may be damaged if subjected to a strong impact. Please be sure to handle the card with care.

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