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  • How To Play
    • Game freezes often during quests
      Since playing the game requires a real-time network connection, the game may be suspended or disconnected if your mobile or Wi-Fi connection is unstable.
      We, therefore, recommend you play the game via a stable Wi-Fi or mobile network connection.
      Moreover, long play sessions may result in the game crashing or disconnecting.
      Should this occur, please try the following steps:
      - Restart the app.
      - Restart your device; this will quit any unnnecessary apps and free up space to make the app run more smoothly.
      - Delete unnecessary files to free up memory.
      - Quit other tasks in use; runnning the game alongside other tasks may lead to problems caused by the increased workload of your device.
      - Switch your network connection and make sure it is functioning properly; swithc to a mobile network connection if you are playing the game via Wi-Fi, and make sure there are no problems in the configuration and speed or your Wi-Fi connection.
         In some cases, turning Flight Mode on and off may solve the connection problem.
      -If the device in use is Android OS, the issue might be solved by loweing the resolution. Please try.

      We cannot guarantee that the connectivity problems will be solved by the methods listed above.
      There is a possibility that if you uninstall the game, your precious account data may be unable to be restored.

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    • Game Freezes and Force Quits
      Please try the following steps as it may resolve the issue.

      ・Restart the app ・Turn off your device
      ・Delete unnecessary data such as images and videos
      ・Close other running tasks
      ・Set graphics quality to [Low] via the in-game Menu > [Setting]

      If the issue occurs only at certain point or place, the data might be corrupt.
      You can re-download necessary data by pressing [Clear Cache] button in the Menu [Support].
      Please try after reading all of the cautions.

      ■Cautions for Clear Cache
      ・If you [Clear Cache], the state of the app will be back to when it was installed.  
      →Rainbow Coins and game data will not disappear. Please be assured.

      ・If there are not enough memory space on the device, [Clear Cache] might not complete. Please be aware.

      ・[Clear Cache] will re-download lacking data.
      →Depending on the condition, connection might lag from the amount of information. Please perform when you have time.
      ※The game cannot be played until the download is complete.

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    • How can I change my player name?
      Player name cannot be changed after being decided.
      It will show up on plaza/party and will be visible to other users.

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  • Compatibility
    • What OS are supported?
      (1st Jun 2017)
      Recommended OS Version:
      Android 4.2 or later
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  • Data Migration
    • Can I continue playing on the old device after transferring data?
      If you transfer your data to a new device, you will become unable to play that data on the old device.
      But if you are unable to play the data on the new device, it is possible to transfer the data back to the old device.

      Please note that you can transfer data up to 2 times with in 30 days; thus, you are able to transfer your data to the old device,
      but if you reach the limit, please wait another 30 days.
      After you wait 30 days, please issue a new Transfer Code with your new divice and then try transferring your data to the old device again.

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    • Is there a limit to how many times you can transfer data?
      You can transfer data up to 2 times with in 30 days.
      If you reach the limit, please wait another 30 days and then try transferring again.
      Everytime when you press "issue Transfer Code", you will receive a new Transfer Code and the older Transfer Code that you issued before will be invalid.

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    • How long is the Transfer Code valid for?
      The Transfer Code you issued with your former device is valid for 7 days, and after the period, the Transfer Code will expire.
      Thus, please issue a new Transfer Code again with your former device if the Transfer Code is expired.

      Please notet that the Transfer Code will be renewed every time it is created, and only the last one is valid.

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    • I deleted the app before transferring, can I still get my data back?
      If you delete the app before transferring , the data will be lost.
      Please be very cautious when deleting the app.

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    • What should I do if my Transfer Code is overdue?
      You are unable to transfer your game date with the overdue Transfer Code.
      Thus, please create a new Transfer Code with the device you have used for playing the game.

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    • Do I have to take note of the transfer code?
      Transfer Code is necessary for transferring game data.
      Please make sure to take note or take a screenshot of the code.
      If you let a third person known the code or reveal the code to public, you might become unable to transfer the data.
      Do not reveal your code to anyone anywhere.

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   Google Play Common questions

  • Fee/Point
    • I purchased an item but it was not added to my account, what can I do?
      In-app purchase may not function correctly under the following circumstances;

      [1] When your device is under high stress
      Please conduct the following operation and retry under good communication circumstances;
      -Restart your device
      -Close all running apps (Stop multi-task)
      -Restart the app
      [2] Reflection may be delayed with various kinds of issue, mainly with communication error
      After conducting the in-app purchase, sometimes the result may be delayed to come out with various kinds of issue such as Google Play side server communication delay.
      Please be informed that sometimes this may take 2-3 days, so please be patient until then.
      [3] If none of [1] and [2] did not help you with your situation
      We need the following information to properly assist you.
      (1) Transaction Number(ID) which is written on the receipt e-mail from Google or Google Wallet(+)
      (2) Order day and time
      (3) Price
      (4) Purchased item name
      (5) User ID
      (6) User Name
      *If you have been conducting several transactions, we need details of every one of them which may not functioning correctly

      (+) How to confirm the purchase information(Android)
      Please follow the steps below:

      1. Log-in to the Google payment center with the Google Account you use when making your purchasehttps://payments.google.com/payments/home
      2. Click [Transaction]
      3. Open the detail page by clicking the relevant transaction

       Also, please check Google Play Help where you can see further details about how to review your order history.

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    • Would I be charged again with dowloading the app with same Google account?
      You will not be charged again downloading app with same Google account.
      Please contact Google Inc. regarding the details of your questions about payments;

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  • How To Play
    • I can't install the app.
      it is possible that you are experiencing the issue because of the device cache, or it is caused by a different application. 
      If this is the case, please delete the data as instructed below, and confirm again.
      [1] Open the Browser > MENU > Others > Setting > Privacy > Cache Clear
      [2] Menu>Setting>Application>delete application and data(Choose “Apps that you want to uninstall”)
      (*CAUTION:  In some cases when you delete the data, it will be deleted in your application completely.)
      *The flow may vary depending on your device. For more details, please refer to your manual, or you can also contact your device manufacturer.

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    • I received the error message "Problem occur under analysis package"
      Please restart your device and re-install the app under the stable network connection.
      Also, please note that there is a possibility that your OS version is older than 2.1 if the above method don't help you with the issue.
      If this is the case, please update the Android version of your device, and then retry installing the game.
      **How confirm the OS version: 
      Setting >Device info >Firmware version
      Kindly refer to your device manual and contact your service provider regariding questions about updating the OS version. 
      *Before updating, please make a backup of your mobile data as it is possible that the data will be deleted after the update.

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