• 2017/08/24 Important
    [Google Play]
     Regarding the compatibility of Android 8.0(Oreo)
    Regarding the compatibility of Android 8.0(Oreo)
    ■Thank you for using BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment services.
    ■Regarding the information of "Android 8.0(Oreo)", please refer to the in-app notice in each app, or each app's download page in Google Play Store
    since the compatibility situations are different from each app.
    ■Please understand that the apps may not function properly if the apps are incompatible with Android 8.0.
    ■We, therefore, would appreciate your refraining from updating to Android 8.0 until the apps will be completely compatible with Android 8.0.
    Thank you very much.
    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
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  • 2017/02/01 Important
    [Google Play]
     Data Transfer Cautions for ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM
    Thank you for playing ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM.
    ◆Data Transfer Cautions
    ・Transfer Code is necessary for transferring game data, without it data transfer cannot be performed.
    ・Every time you tap the “Issue” on “Issue Transfer Code Screen” a new code will be issued.
    ・Only the last code that was issued is valid.
    ・The issued code is valid for 7 days from the day of the issue and it will become invalid after expiration.
    ・Data transfer can only be performed twice in 30 days, if you have reached the limit, please wait another 30 days (issued code will not be usable).
    ・If you transfer data between different OS, Rainbow Coins will not be transferred.  Please use up the Coins by purchasing items and etc.
    If you have checked all of the above and wish to perform data transfer, please follow the instructions below.
    1) “Support” on the title screen top left or [MENU]→[DEVICE CHANGE]
    2) [ISSUE TRANSFER CODE]→[ISSUE]→Copy and save the “transfer code” that is shown
    3) Reinstall the app→Title screen top left [SUPPORT]→[DEVICE CHANGE]→[ENTER TRANSFER CODE]→Enter the “transfer code” copied in step 2
    4) After agreeing on the final screen, a message saying “Transfer code entry success” will appear.  Then restart the app.
    ※If changing to a new device, perform step 3 on the new device.
    ※Transfer code should have 10 digits.
    We ask for your continued support.
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  • 2017/07/01 Notice
    [Google Play]
     Regarding the delay with the purchase reflection
    Thank you for using BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment services.

    Currently, we are confirming that unspecified large number of people are experiencing unreflection of their in-app purchase due to the usage of your network.
    Please be noted that this issue may be solved when a certain time pasts, therefore we would like you to confirm it again later.
    However, if your purchase does not come through even after 2-3days, then we would like you to contact us with following information;

    [1] Date and Time of your purchase
    [2] Transaction ID number
    [3] The content of your purchase

    We apologize for the inconvenience.
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  • 2015/12/27 Notice
    [Google Play]
     For Players who have troubles of updating the app
    The issue may be fixed with the following procedures;
    - Reboot your device
    Please confirm that whether rebooting your device fix the issue.
    - Stop multi-tasking
    Please close all running apps before you update the app.
    - Free up your memory
    The update may not be correctly conducted if you don't have enough memory in your device.
    In that case, please free up the memory by deleting unnecessary app or data files.
    - Download with Wi-Fi
    Please use Wi-Fi connection when you update the app 
    - Reinstall
    If none of these procedure described above help you with the issue, re-installing the app may fix it.
    However, please be informed that once you uninstall the app, the data will be lost.
    You can restore your data by using "Transfer Code".
    Please note that you need "User ID" and "Transfer Code" to conduct a data transfer.
    ※We don't take any responsibilities of loss caused by procedures described in this note.

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