Frequently Asked Questions

  • How To Play
    • How does the Skill Gauge filled up?
      You need to match heart shaped pieces to fill your Skill Gauge, but there are some Stages where heart shaped pieces don't show up.
      You can't perform Special Moves with those Stages.

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    • I can't clear the stage even though I achieved the clear condition. Why?
      There are several types of Clear Condition such as "Reach the target score", "Break all barriers", "Collect accessories" and so on.
      There may be Clear Conditions other than those listed above. Some stages may have more than one Clear Condtions and also you need to get a certain amount of score to have a Star at least.
      * You can confirm the Clear Condition when you tap the Stage on the Map or by pausing while you are playing on the stage.
      If you are not clearing the stage even after you cleared the condition, please confirm the Score gauge part to see if you have gotten more than one Star.

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  • Compatibility
    • What OS are supported?
      (1st Jun 2017)
      Recommended OS Version:
      Android 4.2  or later

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  • Data Migration
    • Is there an expiration date for the Password used for Data Transfer?
      There is no expiration date for the Data Transfer Password, previously called "Generate ID", but once you use it for Data Transfer, it will be invalid.
      You need to issue a new Data Transfer Password when you want to perform the Data Transfer again.

      If you want continue to play the game after you had issued the Data Transfer Password, then please reissue the Data Transfer Password again right before you perform the Data Transfer.
      * Your Data will be saved at the timing when you issue the Data Transfer Password.
      * After you have issued the Password, the Saved Data will be updated and saved periodically, so sometime you may lose your progress.
      * Please make sure to reissue the Password to save your latest Data.

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    • Can I play the app after I changed my device or switched SIM card?
      You can play with your current play data even you change your device or swicth the SIM card by performing the Data Transfer procedure.
      Please take note that you need to do the Data Transfer procedure with your old device beforehand.
      * Please refer to the notes of Data Transfer beforehand.

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