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  • What OS are supported?
    (12 Jul. 2018)
    Recommended OS Version:
    Fire OS 5.0 or later

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  • Tell me how to transfer data
    How To Play
    Data transfer can be performed with the following steps:
    (1)Tap the "MENU" on the app screen bottom right
    (2)Tap "DATA TRANSFER"
    (4)Register your password (you may create your own password)
    ※Memory Diamond you have will not be transferred when transferring data between different OS (Android to iOS or iOS to Android).
  • Can I increase the number of gears I can hold?
    How To Play
    Try obtaining gears while your inventory is at limit and you will be able to use Memory Diamonds to increase the amount of gears you can hold.
    You can also sell gears to open up space in your inventory.
  • Cannot continue
    How To Play
    If all your characters are defeated you can use Memory Diamond to continue, but the number of times you can continue differ depending on the quest.
    Also, how many characters you can recover is different for each quest.
    If you cannot continue, please check the number of Memory Diamonds you have and the number of times you continued.
  • Cannot damage the enemy
    How To Play
    Depending on the character’s attack stat and the enemy’s strength you might not be able to deal damage.
    If you are having difficulty defeating the enemy, power up your character and equipment before challenging.