I lost my account and would like to get it back. So please help!
Data Transfer


Please submit a data restoration request via Chat Bot, if you consent to the following "Precautions for data recovery".

■ "Precautions for data recovery" (Please be sure to read)
・ If the provided information from you via Chat Bot does not meet required standards for data recovery, we may not accept your request. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your kind understanding in this matter. 
・ Even if the mail is sent after you reply via Chat Bot, there is a possibility that we are unable to specify your data, even though we have used the provided information. If this the case, we are unable to accept your request.
・ Requests for disclosure of the result of the investigation for data recovery or criteria will not be replied to.
・ Even if your data can be specified, it might be difficult to be recovered depending on the status of the data.
・ It is not possible to integrate some data.
・ BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. cannot assume any responsibility if a user or third party suffers any damages or any damage is done in connection with this service due to data recovery, except in the case of willful action or gross negligence on our part.
・ Kindly take note that it may take some time to process your request due to the investigation for data recovery.

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