Are there any points I should be aware of when I do a Data Transfer?
Data Transfer

Please note the following points regarding Data Transfers: 
- If you transfer game data during a battle, you cannot return to that battle midway. 
- If you transfer game data between different OSs (iOS / Android), your in-game Rainbow Diamonds CANNOT be transferred and will disappear. 
- Please note that Rainbow Diamonds that have disappeared due to transfer between different OSs cannot be compensated. 
- Passwords will expire two weeks after issue. 
- When reissuing a password, the latest one becomes effective and old password will no longer be available for use. 
- Once used, a password will become invalid. Please issue a password every time you transfer game data. 
- We do not disclose data transfer information nor accept data restoration requests, etc., so please make sure to strictly manage necessary information for game data transfers yourself. 
- Please do not disclose data transfer information to third parties. 
- Data transfer operations other than the application, such as data backup function by PC are not subject to operational guarantees.
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