How can I data transfer?
Data Transfer

You can transfer your current "ONE PIECE Bounty Rush" game data to another device, by the following procedure:
*Please also check the FAQ: "Are there any notes I should be aware of while doing data transfer?", before conducting data transfer.
1. Using the current device (the device that has the game data which you want to transfer), open the app, tap "Menu" > "Change settings / Data transfer".
2. Make sure to read all written terms before proceeding.
3.Tap "Enter Password for Data Transfer" > Set a password of 8 alphanumeric characters > Tap "Issue transfer password" to create a transfer password and Transfer ID.
 *Make sure you take a note or a screenshot or a note after the Transfer ID and password has been issued.
4. Download "ONE PIECE Bountry Rush" app to your new device.
5. Open the App on your new device, and tap "Change Device/Transfer" on the title screen > Enter Transfer ID and Password you issued at Step 3, and tap "Transfer Game Data". Your data should now be transferred. 
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