How do I transfer data?
Data Transfer


If you want to transfer data, you need to set up data transfer with an external service in advance.

Follow the procedure below to set up data transfer.


"Data transfer setting" procedure

- Home screen > Menu > Other > Tap data transfer settings > Tap [with any external service] link

*Please use either a Bandai Namco ID, Google Play account, or Game Center account.

*When transferring data between different OSs, only a Bandai Namco ID can be used.

*If data is transferred, the account on the source device will be deleted.

*Be sure to read the precautions before transferring data.


If data transfer settings are made, it is possible to restart the game with the same play data even if the device breaks down or is lost.

Please refer to the following for operations on new devices.


1. Tap the title screen > Support in the upper right > Transfer Data

2. Tap the link on the external service for which data transfer is set.

3. Confirm the data transfer settings and tap "Execute".

4. Confirm the notes and tap "Execute".

5. Follow the instructions on the dedicated page to proceed with the transfer.

6. Confirm that the data to be updated is the account that will be transferred on the displayed popup and tap "Execute".


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