How can I transfer my game data to another device?
Data Transfer


Data transfers in this app may be performed via 3 methods, by using "Facebook account", "Google account", or "transfer code".

Preparations before transfer](Old device)

1. On Home screen, tap "Shortcut Menu" > "Other".
2. Tap "Other" > "Various Settings" > "Data Transfer".
3. Register the respective accounts and perform data linking, or issue a transfer code.

Preparations after transfer](New device)

1. Install this app.
2.Tap "Data Transfer" by the bottom of Title screen.
3. Select and tap one out of "Facebook account transfer", "Google account transfer", or "Enter transfer code".
・ If you wish to transfer via Facebook or Google accounts, please tap "Transfer".
・ If you wish to transfer via "Enter transfer code", please enter the code that you issued and the password.

Please select a stable communication environment when transferring your data.
If a connection is lost when using your transfer code, the code would potentially become invalid.
In this case, please contact and give us information of the code via Inquiry in the application.

Note for data transfer between different OSs
Data transfer between different OSs [iOS to android] or [iOS to android] is possible. 
  Please note that Haro Chip cannot be carried over when transferring game data between devices with a different OS.

 Please see here for other information

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