[GBGW] I can't find the acquired parts.
How To Play


You can confirm the newly obtained parts via the below steps.

■Confirmation Steps

1. Close the app once, restart and log in again.
2. Please move to the "Parts" list from the home screen.
3. Tap the box displayed in the lower-right corner to check the display settings.
4. Check that no filter is set in “Filter” tab.
   *Please uncheck if any filters are selected.
5. Go to “Sort” tab and select “Date".
   At that time, please make sure that the arrow displayed to downward (descending order).
  *If it is upward, tap it again to switch to descending the order.
6. Tap the “OK” button.
7. The newly obtained parts will be shown at the top, so please check the items you have acquired.
    Parts exceeding the slot upper limit will be sent to the Gift Box.
    Therefore, if you cannot find the parts you want to check via the above steps, please check the gift box.

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