When are Login Bonusses reset?
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The Login Bonus is reset once a day, according to the below 00:00(UTC) schedule.

The timing of the reset depends on the last digit of your user ID.


Last digit: 0 → Reset time: 00:00(UTC)

Last digit: 1 → Reset time: 00:10(UTC)

Last digit: 2 → Reset time: 00:20(UTC)

Last digit: 3 → Reset time: 00:30(UTC)

Last digit: 4 → Reset time: 00:40(UTC)

Last digit: 5 → Reset time: 00:50(UTC)

Last digit: 6 → Reset time: 01:00(UTC)

Last digit: 7 → Reset time: 01:10(UTC)

Last digit: 8 → Reset time: 01:20(UTC)

Last digit: 9 → Reset time: 01:30(UTC)


Furthermore, if the login bonus screen does not appear even past your reset time, please try to restart the application as this can fix the issue.

*You can confirm your user ID from your Profile, or by looking at your ID on the top left of the title screen.

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