Please tell me about Skill Level.
How To Play


The Skill Level will increase by amassing a certain amount of Skill EXP.

You can receive Skill EXP by getting the same Bonbons, and also using Skill Tickets.

As the Skill Level increases, the Skill Effect will be upgraded, and the amount of the Skill Gauge needed to activate the Skill will decrease.

Furthermore, if the Bonbon's Skill Level is at its maximum, it will automatically be exchanged with a Skill Ticket of that Bonbon of the same rarity.


2-star Bonbon →  2-star Skill Ticket

3-star Bonbon →  3-star Skill Ticket

4-star Bonbon →  4-star Skill Ticket


*With Skill Tickets, you can increase the Skill EXP of a Bonbon with the corresponding rarity.

*Skill tickets automatically exchanged will be added to the Inventory.

*When Skill Tickets reach their inventory limit, they will be sent to the Inbox.

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