How Can I Transfer My Game Data?
Data Transfer


By linking your account with your BANDAI NAMCO ID (BNID), you can transfer your game data from your previous to new device.

1. Register the data transfer on your old device.
Start the app > Title screen > Home screen > Menu (hamburger button on the upper right corner) > Transfer settings
You can link your BNID and register to transfer the game by clicking on "Transfer". 
You can also choose to issue a transfer code.

2. Perform "Data Transfer" on your new device.
When you start the game for the first time in your new device, go to Home screen > Menu>Data Transfer and enter the transfer ID and password.

・There is NO SNS transfer function other than BNID for this application.
・If you deregister your BNID that have set up to transfer the game data, you will not be able to do the transfer.
・It is NOT possible to connect multiple "TALES OF LUMINARIA" to one BNID.
・Once the issued transfer code was used will become invalid.
・If you transfer the game data from one OS to another,  the Primordial Beasts Stones you have acquired on the previous device will be lost.
・Please note that all effects of the Noble Pass will be invalidated when transferring from one OS to another.

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