How can I transfer my game data to another device?
Data Transfer


The transfer process differs depending on whether the new device is the same OS or a different OS.
Please perform data linkage / data transfer according to the OS of the new device.
*Please conduct data transfer in a place with good network environment.
*In order to perform data transfer, it is necessary to link data beforehand. Either Facebook account, Game Center account and Apple ID is required for data linkage.

Data Transfer within same OS
In prior to perform data transfer, please link your data by following procedure.
*You may link game data using either Facebook or Game Center.
Data linkage using Facebook
[1] Go to "Title Screen" > "Support" > "Facebook" and log in to your Facebook account with your current device.
[2] A confirmation screen will appear to link your data.
[3] Choose "Yes"
[4] Your data has now been migrated.
Data linkage using Game Center
[1] Go to "Title Screen" > "Support" > "Data Link" > "Game Center" with your current device.
*You must login to Apple ID to link your data.

Data linkage using Sign with Apple
[1] Go to "Title Screen" > "Support" > "Data Link" > "Sign with Apple" with your current device.
*This is applicable only to devices running iOS 13 or above. Devices running iOS 1 or earlier will not be able to use this function.

[How to Transfer Game Data]
Please download the app and launch with your new device, and according to the account that was linked to the data on the screen of "Facebook", "Game Center", "Sign with Apple", you can continue to play the app by logging in with the data linked account.

Data Transfer between different OS
In prior to perform data transfer, please link your data first and then issue data transfer password by following procedure.
*Data transfer between different OS will always require "Data Transfer Password".
*Please issue "Data Transfer Password" once after you finished above mentioned data linkage.
● For "Issue Data Transfer Password", please refer to  here.
■Data Transfer using Data Transfer Password
[1] Go to "Title Screen" > "Support" > "Data Transfer" and enter “Input Transfer Password” with your new device.
[2] Input “User ID” and “Data Transfer Password” and then enter “Start Transfer”
[3] Account information linked to the entered data is displayed.
[4] Once you confirm the information, press "OK"
[5] The data migration is completed.
*You can't carry over your app-specific currency between different OSs, such as Android to iOS, iOS to Android.
*Your Data Transfer Password has an expiration date.
*It will expire 14 days after the date it was issued. (If the Data Transfer Password expires, you can reissue it.)
*Before using the transfer service, please take down a handwritten memo of necessary User ID and Data Transfer Password or email it to your PC to save it.
*It is the responsibility of the user to securely save any and all transfer information. Even in the case of such incidents as theft or loss of the device, our company will be unable to disclose any transfer information.
*Data Transfer Password will become invalid when transfer data has already been used once.
*Even if the data transfer information is not set again and it becomes impossible to transfer, we do not activate the data transfer information, not respond data transfer request.
*Once Data Tansfer is conducted to your new device, you will not be able to play the app with your old device.
*Please do not delete account while linking account with external service.
*Only In-app function of Data Transfer is recommended to use. We don't recommend any other way to conduct Data Transfer operation such as taking data backup with your PC.

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