[Important] Are there any cautionary points regarding gameplay data transfer?
Data Transfer


Cautionary Points for Data Transfer
 1. Transfer information is to be managed carefully by users themselves: in cases where it is lost etc., we are unable to disclose the said information under any circumstances.

 2. When recovering data to a different OS, "DigiRubies" (including DigiRubies distributed for free) cannot be transferred.
With this, it is recommended that you use any "DigiRubies" you have before transferring your game data.

 3. Progress statuses of DigiWalk" and "suspended data of Quests" cannot be transferred.
Also, if data is recovered while rewards found via DigiWalk remain unclaimed, the said rewards cannot be transferred.

 4. Please do not tell or reveal issued passwords to any third-parties. The Management team is unable to take responsibility for damages caused due to such acts.
 5. The validity period of passwords is for 90 days from issuing. Once a password is issued, the password and the validity period will be renewed. Only the newest password within the validity period will be valid, and old passwords will be rendered invalid.

 6. Passwords in which transfers had been completed are rendered invalid.

 7. If backup is performed via Social Media Authentication, transfers via ID/password cannot be performed.

 8. Gameplay via 1 account per 1 device is recommended for this app. Please refrain from playing multiple accounts on 1 device, as this may cause data corruption and recovery may not be possible.

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