• Rainbow Gem purchase issue(Android)
    [Q. Rainbow Gem is not appeared in the app]
    There is a possibility that the app did not receive the information correcty depending on network circumstances.
    Please restart the app with following transition: [Other]>[Go back to Title]>[Restart app]
    (If above procedure did not improve the situation)
    *Please confirm whether your payment has completed or not in the Google wallet. 
    If your payment is completed, please contact us with order information below, and your player ID which is  written on Friend Search page.
    - Order number
    - Order day and time
    - Purchased item name 
    - Price
    + How to confirm the purchase information(Android)
    1. Log-in to the Google wallet from your PC: http://wallet.google.com/manage 
    2. Click [Transaction]
    3. Open the detail page by clicking the relevant transaction


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