• How can I transfer my game data to another device?
    Data Transfer
    ■How to link your game data to your Facebook account through "Facebook Linking Back-up" with your current device
    1. MENU > Device Transfer/Back Up >Facebook Linking Back-up> Choose "Log in to  Facebook"
    2. Your game data will be linked to your Facebook account.
    ・"Facebook Linking Back-up" is not supported on some OS versions, and on which the function is not displayed.
    ・Your Transfer Code will be invalid after you link your game data to your Facebook account through "Facebook Linking Back-up". 
    ・If you delete, deactivate, or forget the login information of your Facebook account, you will not able to conduct data transfer.
    How to issue a transfer code with your current device
    1. Issue a transfer code through the following steps:
     MENU > Device Transfer/Back Up > Create Transfer Code > Create
    2. Please take note of your User ID and the code
    3. Install the app to your new device
    4. Input your [User ID] and [Transfer Code] on the "Device Transfer" screen
    5. Since "Transfer Device" on the home screen will not be disappeared, you can transfer your game data even after you started playing the app if you have issued a Transfer Code. 
    ・You can't carry over your DRAGON Stones between different OSs.
    ・If you transfer the data while you were in the middle of a QUEST, you will be unable to resume that QUEST.
    ・Transfer Code will be changed every time you create it.
    ・The Transfer code will be invalid after used.
    ・Your Transfer Code will be invalid after you conduct data migration through "Facebook Linking Back-up".

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