• The app closed forcibly while I played Summon. My Dragon Stones were consumed and I didn't get my Characters either. What can I do?
    How To Play
    Please check the following procedures;

    ■ [TEAM] > [Character List] > [Acquired] > Select "Acquired" in the pop-up
    ※The Character on the left-top of the list is the latest Character which you have acquired

    If you think that you have not acquired your character after performing the above procedure; please feel free to contact us with following information;

    [1] User ID(9 or 10 digits of numbers shown on the Title page of the game)
    [2] User Name
    [3] The time and date when the issue has occurred (Summoning time)
    [4] If you have noticed anything about this matter 
    [5] Number of Dragon Stones consumed
    [6] Name of Summon/Event banner used
    ※Please inform us with those details even if you have already contacted us beforehand, this is for us to properly assist you.

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