• How can I do Data Transfer?
    Data Migration
    You can recover your data by transferring in case of failure of data reading
    If you have not generated a password, you will not be able to recover your lost play data in case of failure of data reading
    You can confirm your Data Transfer information or perform Data Transfer with following steps
    * This app doesn't have Facebook or any other SNS association function.
    [Confirmation of your Data Transfer Information (Setting)] * Please do it with your current device.
    [1] Launch the app
    [2] Please confirm the details of the data you wish to transfer
    [3] [Title Screen] > [Change Device] > [Transfer data]
    [4] Issue the Transfer Password by touching [Generate Data Transfer Password] displayed at the bottom of the screen.
    [5] Please take a screenshot of your [Data Transfer Password] and also your [ID] on the My page and keep them secure.
    [How to Transfer Data]* Please do it with your new device.
    [1] Launch the app
    [2] [Title Screen] > [Change Device] > [Import data] 
    [3]Input your ID and Data Transfer Password on My page and touch [Transfer] 
    *ID is issued from the old device。
    [4] Please confirm if your Data has been transferred correctly after completing the procedure above.
    *Data can be transferred by selecting [Import data] at the start screen displayed on the title screen, on the first startup.
    * NOTES
    Please make sure the network is stable when you perform Data Transfer.
    Please generate the Data Transfer Password before you change your device.
    Please take a screenshot of your generated Password and your ID on the My page and keep them secure.
    Data Transfer Information must be managed securely by yourself and please be informed that we can't disclose those information with the case of lost.
    To transfer the data, the Data Transfer Password and your [ID] (7 alphanumeric characters on the My page) are required.
    There is a case that Data Transfer Password may be unclear to see depending on the type of font style you use for your device.
    We also cannot disclose the Data Transfer Password with the case when you have reported a wrong Password. So please make sure you use a standard font style.

    If you want continue to play the game after you had issued the Password, then please reissue the Password again right before you perform the Data Transfer.
    * After you have issued the Password, the Data to be transferred will be updated and saved automatically and periodically, so sometime you may lose your progress.
    Please also confirm other notes regarding Data Transfer with question "Is there any notes I should be aware of while I do Data Transfer?".

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