• Is there any notes I should be aware of while I do Data Transfer?
    Data Transfer
    You can recover your data by transferring in case of failure of data reading
    If you have not generated a password, you will not be able to recover your lost play data in case of failure of data reading.

    Please refer to the following notes regarding the data transfer;
    ■Please generate the Data Transfer Password before you change your device then take a screenshot of your [Data Transfer Password] (16 digits) and your [ID] on the My page, and keep them secure.
    ■To transfer the data, the Data Transfer Password and your [ID] (7 alphanumeric characters on the My page) are required. 
    ■Please be informed that we can't disclose those information with the case of lost; therefore, Data Transfer Information must be managed securely by yourself.

    Please refer to the question "How can I do Data Transfer?" for how you transfer your data.
    * Notes about keeping your Data Transfer information
    - You cannot transfer data if your Data Transfer information is unknown or you don't have your Data Transfer Information.
    - Please save Data Transfer Information with the screen shot and keep them down on the notes or PC e-mail address (Screenshots saved on your device may be lost if your device is been broken)
    - There is a case that Data Transfer Password may be unclear to see depending on the type of font style you use for your device. So please make sure you use a standard font style when you confirm your Data Transfer Password.
    - If you generate a new Data Transfer Password, the latest Transfer Password will become valid and the old one will be invalid.
    - We do not guarantee the safe movement of the app when you transfer data using your PC backup.
    * Notes about some Data CAN NOT be transferred 
    - The Data Transfer can be done between < iOS⇒Android > and < Android⇒iOS >. However, in-game Gems CAN NOT be transferred between different OS types.
    - Unreceivedd messages in your [Mail Box] cannot be transferred. Please generate the Data Transfer Password after receiving the massages.
    * Notes after you have transferred your data
    - After Transferring data, the app data on your old device will be initialized.
    - After Transferring data, the Data Transfer information will be expired. Please generate the Data Transfer Password and take a copy again after Transferring data, in preparation for failure of data reading

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