• After I saw "Software License Agreement For iTunes" popup, I am unable to purchase Dragon Stones.
    Software License Agreement For iTunes is periodically renewed. If you see the popup which require you to agree on the new "Software License Agreement For iTunes", and if you keep denying the agreement, it is possible that you won't be able to purchase Dragon Stones.
    To avoid this situation, please follow the instructions below:
    ① If you see the "Software License Agreement For iTunes" popup when you intend to purchase Dragon Stones, please agree on the new software license agreement, unless you disagree with it
    ② You will be sent to App Store after you agreed on the new software license agreement.
    ③ Please choose "Cancel my purchase".
    ④ After you canceled the order, please purchase Dragon Stones; this time you will be able to purchase  Dragon Stones.

    If your issue has not been solved, please contact our support team.

    Thank you. 

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