• I have received "active_record/record_not_unique" error and can't play the app.
    After a player finishes a quest, the player's device will send a request to our server. Then, the server will reply to the player's device.
    When the player's device failed to receive a reply from the server, "communication error" occurs on the player's 

    "communication error" occurs, we suggest players to press "Retry" so that the request can be sent from the device to the server again and
    the server will send back a reply to finish a "finished quest". 

    However, if 
    the player's device fails to receive the request for several times, "active_record/record_not_unique" pops up.

    If you experience the issue through wifi, please restart your device and turn off the router for a minute and turn on again.
    , please stay in places in which the good Internet connections available.
    Furthermore, If the error persists, we suggest the player try “Retry” for several times to improve the Internet connections.


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