• I have received "communication error" / No_method_error" message and can't play the app.
    "Communication error" or "No_method_error" message may show up when the downloaded datasets were incomplete.
    To prevent this message, we suggest players re-download the app to see if the issue will be fixed.

    Regarding the 
    incomplete datasets, we found that the incomplete downloading issue can be related to players' internet connection, or players' device itself.
    Thus, we would like players to go through the following procedure:

    ・Confirm if your device has 1 GB RAM and 1GB Internal Memory (ROM) for the app, excluding SD card capacities

    ・Try using a different internet connection and download the app (e.g. turn of the router and leave it for a few minute, then turn it on; try using a different access point)

    ・Delete apps that you do not need

    ・Try clearing cache from your device completely by using a cache cleaner app

    ・Chek your device setting if any security software and/or firewall settings are preventing from downloading the app.

    ・Check if your device and the router is too far for playing the app 
    smoothly, if the router is connected to too many devices, if there are any form of electromagnetic interference (EMI), or if the router itself has any kind of issues

    ・Confirm if you can play the app smoothly with a different device

    Further, there are matters that may relate to the problem, such as installed apps, updated apps, or updated OS; thus we recommend players try the above procedure that might solve your experiencing issue.


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