• What do I need to know about data migration by "Facebook Linking Back-up""?
    Data Migration
    Before you link your game data to your Facebook account on the app by "Facebook Linking Back-up", there are four things that we would like to inform as below::
    ・One game data can be link to one Facebook account; it is not possible to linked to multiple game data to one Facebook account.
    ・After you linked your Facebook account to your game data by "Transfer using Facebook Account", although you are able to create a Transfer Code, you are not able to transfer your game data with Transfer Code.
    ・If you delete your Facebook account, deactivate your Facebook account, or forget your login information of  your Facebook account, you are not able to conducdt data migration.
    ・After you conducted data migration by "Facebook Linking Back-up", a Transfer Code that you created will be invalid.

    Thank you for your understanding.


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