• Game Freezes and Force Quits
    How To Play
    Please try the following steps as it may resolve the issue.

    ・Restart the app ・Turn off your device
    ・Delete unnecessary data such as images and videos
    ・Close other running tasks
    ・Set graphics quality to [Low] via the in-game Menu > [Setting]

    If the issue occurs only at certain point or place, the data might be corrupt.
    You can re-download necessary data by pressing [Clear Cache] button in the Menu [Support].
    Please try after reading all of the cautions.

    ■Cautions for Clear Cache
    ・If you [Clear Cache], the state of the app will be back to when it was installed.  
    →Rainbow Coins and game data will not disappear. Please be assured.

    ・If there are not enough memory space on the device, [Clear Cache] might not complete. Please be aware.

    ・[Clear Cache] will re-download lacking data.
    →Depending on the condition, connection might lag from the amount of information. Please perform when you have time.
    ※The game cannot be played until the download is complete.

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