• Important Notes for Data Transfer.
    Data Transfer
    Please kindly note the followings.

    ■Please confirm and set "Data Transfer ID" and "Password" beforehand.
       Also please be sure to take memorandum and/or save to PC mail address in preparation for the device lost and broken.

    ■In-app currency "Crest Stone" cannot be carried over when transferring game data between devices with a different OS.
    With this, it is recommended that you use any "Crest Stone" you have before transferring your game data. 

    -Please note that "Crest Stone" which disappeared by data transfer between different OS will be excluded from supplement.
    -We do not disclose data transfer information nor accept data restoration etc., so please make sure to strictly manage necessary information by yourself for game data transfer.
    -Do not disclose/share your Data Transfer information to any third party.
    -Kindly be reminded that the "Password" which was issued during Transfer ID setting can be used repeatedly even after using it once.
    -Please backup your game data using the backup method setting provided by the in-game application. We are unable to guarantee the use of backup methods besides the one provided by the application such as data back-up by PC/SD card.

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