• I cannot class up. What should I do?
    How To Play

    In order to class up such as increased the maximum level, you need to unlocking a “boost core”. 
    Now there is a condition that you, not only Souls and Zeni, but also the certain number of "Boost Panel" must unlock.

    Please refer the following in-app help for further details of “Soul Boost”.

    ・What’s Soul Boost?: Tap [MENU] > [Other] > [Help] > [Soul Boost] > [Soul Boost]
    ・What’s Boost Panels unlock?: Tap [MENU] > [Other] > [Help] > [Soul Boost] > [Boost Panels]
    ・What’s Boost Cores unlock?: Tap [MENU] > [Other] > [Help] > [Soul Boost] > [Boost Cores]

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