• Missions of "FINISH a character of the "●●●" (color type) XX time(s)" does not count up properly.
    How To Play

    There are two patterns to judge the defeating status.
    One is "K.O", and the othere is "FINISH".

    KO = When you deat an enemy.
    FINISH = When you K.O. the last enemy of the battle.

    For example; In a stage where three enemies appear; if the Player defeats the the first two characters, it will be counted as "K.O."
    For the third (the last left) character, it will be counted as "FINISH", as well as "K.O." 

    If the Mission asks you to defeat an enemy with a specific type, the battle must "FINISH" with what is being specified.
    We will be greatly appreciated if you can check the Mission once again, and try for another challenge.


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