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  • What OS are supported?
    (As of Jan 6, 2020)
    Recommended OS Version:
    Android 6.0.and up (Device with RAM of 2.0 GB or more)
    [Notes for Operation]
    [1] Please be sure to use this application with the operating system stated here.
    [2] Even if used with the above operating systems, the application may not function properly due to factors related to the usage environment or your device.

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  • 【Important】I don’t know how to send an inquiry. What should I do?

    Please send an inquiry by following the below steps, in case your problem cannot be solved,
    even if referring the FAQ on the FAQ site or checking the help in the application

    [1]Press Inquiries in the FAQ site.

    [2]Press Support Form

    [3] Press Next, filling in the blanks.

    [4] Press Send

    If you choose Comments and Requests at below [1] and send your comment, an answer will not be sent.

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  • 【Important】How can I transfer my play data?
    Data Transfer

    Play data can be transferred by following the steps below.

        Setting for data transfer with your current device.
    Go to Home > MENU > Others > Data Transfer and set your password required for data transfer.

    *Make sure to keep your User ID and Password (Displayed when you set your password) safe
    *Password will expire 14 days after the date it was issued, or it will become invalid if you fail to enter 5times even within the valid period
    *Once transferring your play data, used USER ID cannot be used for next data transfer for next 24 hours.

        Transferring data to our new device.
    Please install the application in your new device, then enter ID and Passwordissued at step, atData Transferin the title screen.
    *Please move toHomescreen, then login the application, after completing the transfer process.

    *You can't carry over your app-specific currency between different OSs, such as Android to iOS, iOS to Android.
    After your play data is transferred, used Passwordwill be reset. If you want to transfer your play data again, Re-setting of your Passwordwill be required.

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  • 【Important】Are there any notes I should be aware of while I do Data Transfer?
    Data Transfer

    Please confirm and set data transfer information beforehand, and be sure to take memorandum and/or save to PC mail address in preparation for the device lost and broken.

    ■ We do not disclose data transfer information nor accept data restoration etc., so please make sure to strictly manage necessary information by yourself for game data transfer.  
     Please refer HERE to check your transfer information (settings) steps.

    *[Note for Custody]

    If you have not set your data transfer setting nor not kept your Data Transfer information, you will not be able to conduct Data Transfer operation.
    Please be sure to take memorandum and/or save to PC mail address.
    (You cannot check the data saved screen shots or mail in your device, if the device is lost and broken)

    Only In-app function of Data Transfer is recommended to use. We don't recommend and take any responsibilities for any other way to conduct Data Transfer operation such as taking data backup with your PC.


    *[Note for data transfer between different OSs]

    Jewels cannot be carried over when transferring game data between devices with a different OS.
     With this, it is recommended that you use any Jewels you have before transferring your game data.


    *After completing data transfer

    Once the game ID has been set for transfer, it will not be possible to set again for another device for 24 hours after the setting.
    After completing data transfer, your transfer information will be rendered invalid. Please make sure to issue your data transfer information again and take memorandum.

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