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Pre-registration for application

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    • new What should I do to unsubscribe Pre-registration for application?
      Please send us inquiry following the below instruction if you would like to cancel your pre- registration.

      [1] Press ‘If FAQ does not help you’
      [2] Press ‘Support Form’
      [3] Press ‘Next’ after entering the contents
       *Please enter the contents as much detail as possible.
       *Please enter the mail address used for pre-registration.
      [4] Press “Send”

       ・If you receive a confirmation mail for pre-registration that you have no idea of, cancelation of pre-registration is possible by our company. Please send us inquiry following above instruction.
       ・If you press ‘Comments and Requests’ in procedure [1] in above instruction, we cannot send you reply individually.
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    • What should I do to unsubscribe mail magazine delivered by BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT?
      If you would like to cancel the registration of the mail magazine delivery service sends you mails from address of ‘BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT <www@id.banapassport.net>, Please release the registration following above instruction.

      [1] Press ‘Unsubscribe mail magazine delivery service’(メールマガジンの配信停止はコチラ) located at the top of mail magazines.
      [2] Press ‘Cancel for receipt’(受取解除) after confirming the e-mail address displayed

       If you never registered the mail magazine delivery service, you can unsubscribe the service following the above instruction.

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    • new Notice of leave period

      Notice of leave period

      -Thank you for using our services.
      -Due to the holiday period from December 29th,2017 to January 4th,2018 our office will be closing. Please refer to the following information for the furthur details;

      [Holiday Period]
      -December 29th,2017(Fri)--January 4th,2018(Thu) JST

      -As of the date above, inquiry is normally accepted. Nonetheless, in need of further investigation for our developer and collective, we would also take a while to reply from January 5th,2017 onward.
      -Kindly please accept our apologies for taking a more time to reply by expected congestion between leave period. We appreciate for your patience and patronage.
      -We apologize for the inconvenience

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