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  • What will happen if I uninstall the application?
    Data Migration
    Please note the history data will be initialized if the application is uninstalled.
    *If the ‘Transfer ID’ is issued, by transferring the data you can restart the game where you left off
  • How can I transfer my game data to another device?
    Data Migration
    For data migration, please set up "Data Transfer ID" by the following procedure.
    ■Operation on your current device
    1. Tap "Create Data Transfer ID" on title screen
    2. Take note of "Data Transfer ID" on the screen and set "Password"
    ■Operation on your new device
    3. Install and launch the app with your new device
    4. Tap "Enter Data Transfer ID" on title screen
    5. Enter "Data Transfer ID" which you took note and "Password" set on step 2
    6. Complete data migration 
    ・You can't carry over your gems between different OSs.
    ・DO NOT disclose your data transfer ID/password to the third party. 
    ・Please be informed beforehand that it is the user's responsibility to perform regular backups for transferring saved data. We will not respond to data restoration.
  • Can I play the application for free of charge?
    How To Play
    This application is playable for free of charge basically, including charging system paying money for items
    The costs will arise when using the service for profit.
    Communication fee while playing the application is paid by the users
  • Where can I check the terms of use?
    How To Play
    Terms of use can be checked by following the below process:
    Menu ⇒ System ⇒ Others ⇒ Terms of use
    Thank you for your kind cooperation for enjoying the application with peace of in mind
  • What is Arcana gem?
    How To Play
    Arcana gem is a item to be consumed when getting Skill Record 
    It can be gained as Login Bonus or various reward.
    It is purchasable by pressing the add-Aclacna gem bottun in the shop.
  • Has Arcana gem an expiration date?
    How To Play
    Arcana gem does not have an expiration date.
  • What is Col used for?
    How To Play
    In-app currency ❛Col ❜ can be consumed for purchasing the items at Armorshop or enhancement and evolution of the weapons at Blacksmith.
    Col is avaible as reward by clearing the quests and so on.
  • I ordered a skill record but it is not added to the item, why?
    How To Play
    Ordered skill records are stored in your present box and can be used as items by receiving from the box.
    You can receive presents by the steps below.
     Menu → "Item" → "Present Box"

  • The items in the present box were missed.
    How To Play
    The items in the present box have the limit to be received.
    Please be noted the items will be delated from the box automatically after the limit.
  • I sold / enhanced the item by mistake.
    How To Play
    Even once sold / used items can not be restored to the former condition.
  • Can I create the second character?
    How To Play
    Only one character can be created in this game.
  • Can I change the character's name?
    How To Play
    The character's name can be changed following the below instruction.
    Menu → Status → Player → change name
  • Can I change the character's appearance?
    How To Play
    The character's appearance can be changed following the below instruction.
    Menu → Status → Make up
  • How can I use Teleport Monument?
    How To Play
    Approach a Teleport Monument and use the action button to activate it. You will then be able to use the teleport function.
    As the story proceeds, some monuments may be automatically activated.
  • The quests are not displayed on the bulletin board.
    How To Play
    The quests are added on the buletin board gradualy as the story proceeds
  • Does the armories or forge's assortment change?
    How To Play
    The forge's assortment are changed gradually as the story proceeds but the armories' are not.
  • Can I raise the partner's level?
    How To Play
    The partner's level is set as well as the player.
  • Can I add the stamps?
    How To Play
    New stamps can be gained by using the items like ❛Memory stamps❜
  • Sometimes I feel the app's movement become slow.
    How To Play
    It may be improved by changing the basic setting from the menu, so please try the following steps.
    · Drawing type: low
    · Effect: OFF
    · Attack range display: OFF
    · Cut-in: OFF
    · Motion quality: 0
    · Shade quality: 0
    · Simple model display distance: 0
    · Other player display range: 20
    · Maximum number of mob display: 10
    · Maximum number of other players displayed: 10
    If you want to restore to the original setting, scroll down the setting screen to "default setting" and then tap "Back" button.
    You can change the basic setting by the following steps.
    · Menu → "System" → "Settings" → "Basic settings"
  • What is a skill record?
    How To Play
    If you and/or partners equipped the skill records, you will be able to use various skills.
    Skill records have its' own cost and you cannot be equipped it beyond the maximum cost.
     · Sword skill
       It is a skill that consumes SP.
       You can not use it unless you have a corresponding weapon.
     · Ability
       It is a skill to which the effect is applied simply by equipping it.
       *Some skills are effective only under specific conditions. 
  • How can I enhance the equipments?
    How To Play
    The equipments can be enhanced at ❛Blacksmith❜
    If the equipments are enhanced, their level of performance can be raised.
    ・NPC ❛Blacksmith❜→❛ equipment→❛ Enhance❜ 
    *The used enhancement items and Cols will be consumed.
  • How can I transform the equipment?
    How To Play
    The maxed out equipment can be transformed at 'Blacksmith'.
    If the equipment are transformed, you can raise the maximum of rarity and strengthening level.
    ・NPC 'Blacksmith'→'equipment'→'transform' 
        *The items and Cols used in the transformation will be consumed.
  • How can I transform the skill records?
    How To Play
    The maxed out skill record can be transformed at 'Blacksmith'.
    If the equipment are transformed, you can raise the maximum of rarity and strengthening level.
    ・NPC 'Blacksmith'→'skill record'→'transform' 
     *The items and Cols used in the transformation will be consumed.
  • What is the limit break of skill record?
    How To Play
    You can raise the maximum enhancement level by skill record limit break.
    The maximum enhancement level will be increased by +2 with one time limit break, and the limit can be exceeded up to 10 times (+20).
    You can limit break a skill record by any of the following steps.

    ■ Acquire the same skill record
       *It will be automatically limit broken
    ■ NPC "Blacksmith" → "Skill Record" → "Limit Break"
       *Limit break specialized material will be consumed
  • What is forging?
    How To Play
    You can create items and weapons at a forge using materials and Col.
    Forging can come with random bonuses. Depending on your luck, powerful effects might be added.
    ・NPC "Forge" → "Forging"
        *Materials and Col which are used for forging will be consumed.
  • What happens when HP goes to 0?
    How To Play
    If you run out of HP, you will be put in a near-death state and you can not take action. There are several ways to revive or return.
    1. Revive: You can come back to life with a Revive Crystal on that spot
    2. Revived with help: If you are in a party, party members can bring you to recover by staying in circles for a certain period of time
    3. Return: Return to the Town of Beginnings
        *It will automatically return after a certain time
  • If I reject a follower request, will the sender have notice of?
    How To Play
    The sender of the follower request is not notified that his/her request is rejected.
  • I cannot start the app. / The app crash while playing.
    How To Play
    It may be improved by the following steps, so please try.
    ・Perform "Cache Delete" of the app itself and restart
      *This function will lead you to redownload the app, so please try in the stable communication environment such as Wi-Fi
    ・If you use mobile data communication such as 4G line, change connection to stable Wi-Fi
    ・If multiple applications are started at the same time, close all the applications once
    ・Check your device’s internal memory and have sufficient storage
    ・Restart the device
  • The quest does not proceed. What should I do?
    How To Play
    If your quest does not move forward, please check the quest achievement conditions.
    You can confirm the conditions for quest achievement by the following steps.

    · Menu → Quest → Order quest → Target quest name
  • Such as meeting, friends' characters who are supposed to be in the same place will not be displayed.
    How To Play
    If many characters are logged in same time, it may be distributed to different servers.
    Even in the same map or field, characters that are logged in to different servers are not displayed on the screen.
    In order to move to the server where your friend's character is located, please follow the steps below。 

    · Menu → Community → Follows → Tap "Character Name" → Change Server
  • I avoided enemy attacks but received damage, why?
    How To Play
    Depends on the enemy's attack type, it may not be able to avoid it.
    In addition, please note that we do not provide any specific strategy information individually. 
    Also, depends on the network connection, there may be seems like "Damage occurs although it supposed to have been avoided".
    If you are using mobile data communication such as 4G line, the issue may be improved by connecting to stable Wi-Fi etc.
  • Loading is not complete and I cannot move forward.
    How To Play
    Please try the steps below as it may be improved the issue.
    · Change the rendering setting of this app from "Menu" → "System" → "Setting"
    · Perform "Clear Cache" on the left side of title screen and restart the app
      *Please note that this will lead to re-downloading game data, so please try in a stable Wi-Fi environment etc.
    · If you are using mobile data communication such as 4G line, connect to stable Wi-Fi
    · Stop multitasking. Please close other apps running simultaneously in your device
    · Increase the available storage of the device's internal memory with sufficient buffer
    · Restart the device
  • How can I form a party?
    How To Play
    You can form a party following the below instruction.
    ■How to create a party
    [1] Tap "Party Settings" on the left side of the screen → "Party Recruit" → After setting the conditions of the party, tap "Party Recruit"
    [2] Once participating members are gathered, tap "Recruited, on standby" on the left side of the screen → "Create New"
    ■How to join a party
     Tap "Party Settings" on the left side of the screen → "Party Search" → Select a party you want to join
    *You can invite party members by follower list or by tapping on the character in front of you.
  • What are the advantages of forming parties?
    How To Play
    Up to six players can participate in the party, and you can play quests and hunt boss monsters together.
    If you join parties, you can use dedicated chat for members, or resurrect you when HP goes to 0.
    ■ Items shared by parties
      · Number of monsters hunted
      · EXP of hunting monster
    If a party member hunts a monster, other participating members may have a chance to acquire one item dropped by a hunted monster.
  • I can not win against monsters. How can I win?
    How To Play
    Depends on the attack power of the character and the strength of the enemy, you may not be given more damage.
    If you fight hard against the enemy, try to challenge after strengthening your strength, such as strengthening skill records and equipment.
  • I want to know the compatibility of elements.
    How To Play
    Elements of monsters can be confirmed by the element icons attached to their names.
    Also, if you attack monsters by elements that they are weak to, "Weakness !!" is displayed next to the hit count on the top right of the screen, and monsters take more damage.
    · Slashing Element Monster → Weak to thrusting
    · Thrusting Element Monster → Weak to blunt
    ·  Blunt Element Monster → Weak to Slashing
    Attack elements of each weapon are as follows.
    · Slashing Element: 1H Sword
    · Thrusting Element: 1H Rapier, 2H Spear
    · Blunt Element: 1H Club, 2H Axe
  • I purchased an item but it was not added to my account, what can I do?
    How To Play
    In case in-app purchase not refracted to your account, please try restarting the app.
  • I uninstalled the app by mistake. So I want my account back.
    How To Play
    With your data transfer ID and Password which were issued beforehand, you can restart from where it stopped before.
    1. Install and tap "Enter Data Transfer ID" on title screen
    2. Enter "Data Transfer ID" and "Password" which you took note before
    3. Complete data migration 
  • What OS are supported?
    (As of Nov 29, 2017)
    Recommended OS Version:
    Android 4.4 and later
    【Notes for operation】
    (1) Please make sure to use this application in the operation environment listed here.
    (2) This service may not work properly according to your utilization statusand the factors of your using device-specific,
    even if you use the application in the recommended operation environment