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  • Important 2016/08/19

     The game data will be lost if you delete the app.

    Google Play
    The Log-in Data will be deleted when you delete the app.
    (If you don't have the data migration information, you need to start the game from the beginning)
    Please issue your data migration ID/PW and take note of it or back up your data with a social media account before you delete the app.
  • Important 2015/03/18

     About Time Zone of the game

    Google Play
    Thank you for playing "ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise".
    We would like to inform you that the in-game Time display is unified in Pacific Standard Time and not adjusted to the Daylight Saving Time. Please be aware of the time difference between in-game and real time.
  • Important 2015/01/29

     Regarding inquiries

    Google Play
    Please contact us from the Japanese FAQ page if you are playing the Japanese version of the game.
    Please contact us from the English FAQ page if you are playing the English version of the game.
    *Use the pulldown menu at the bottom of the page to switch the displayed language.
    However, we do not guarantee that the game will operate correctly in countries/regions where it has not been officially released.