【Important】Issues on a forced termination in the tutorial


Thank you for playing ONE PIECE BOUNTY RUSH.

Currently issues on a forced termination during the tutorial depending on the communication situation or individual utilization condition are found.
We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused to our players.

These issues are currently under investigation.
We appreciate your patience as it might take some time till the end of the investigation.

Furthermore, if a player (already started playing) uninstalls the application, may not recover his/her original account data.
For this reason, please refrain from uninstalling the application until the completion of the investigation and the bug fixes.

The investigation might require some time to be completed regarding these issues.
And for a player who wants to start playing as a ‘new player’, these issues may be solved in re-installing the application.

■We truly apologize for the confusion caused again, and thank you for your understanding.