How do the game's Types work?
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Each character has its own Type of attack. Relationships between Types are as follows:
・STR(Red): Strong against PHY(Orange) / Weak against AGL(Blue) 
・AGL(Blue): Strong against STR(Red) / Weak against TEQ(Green) 
・TEQ(Green): Strong against AGL(Blue) / Weak against INT(Purple) 
・INT(Purple): Strong against TEQ(Green) / Weak against PHY(Orange) 
・PHY(Orange): Strong against INT(Purple) / Weak against STR(Red) 
When a character undergoes a Z-Awakening, its Type will change to either Super or Extreme (Super STR, Extreme TEQ, etc.)  
When they transform into these types, their attacks against Types with which they hold an advantage become stronger, and their defense against their weakness Types increases.  
*When Super or Extreme types are pitted against one another, their advantages and disadvantages are on par with the chart listed above.
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