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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment FAQ Site is a supporting website which gives you various information about our services (mainly network content), product support information, FAQ, and announcements.

Notice for authorities

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Except the case you are permitted by the law, you are not allowed to perform the following action without our permission.

However, currently we do not provide any permission for private(Including reprint to webpage and recreation a new work). Thank you for your understanding.

Forbidden performance
  1. Make a copy of Posted materials. Printing, photography, sound recording, video recording and including other copy methods pertinent to "Forbidden performance".
  2. Transferring or posting the Posted materials in the network. This includes also in the non-profit network.
  3. To lend the Posted materials. Of course rental business are included.
  4. Adaptation Acts of posted materials such as translation, arrangement, deforming, dramatizing and film adaptation.
  5. Any matter that is limited by the copyright and other laws
※The fields which we have mentioned on [1] and [4] are just one of the examples and that means we also do not permit other actions either.


Regardless of the express or implied, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. do not guarantee the safety of the contents, function and other data materials of this site. We do not take any responsibility for Damages, cost burden and repairing of data etc, with the cases of below by using this website.

  1. Any problem occurred regarding with the content of this site( including Normality, Accuracy, Reliability, Merchantability, Suitability for a particular purpose).
  2. When there were some kind of harmful like computer virus on each website and server.
  3. Failure on transmission and reception of data materials on each website