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The BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment FAQ Site is a website providing support regarding our services (mainly network contents), product support information, FAQs and announcements.

In case any contents specified on the FAQ site are in conflict with the terms of service of Bandai Namco Entertainment game services, the game service's terms of service will take priority and be applied.

About usage rights

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Except such cases where you are permitted by law, you are prohibited from from doing the below without our permission.

Please be aware that we do not provide permission for any private use (including reposting materials on a different website or using it to create new contents). We appreciate your understanding.

Prohibited conduct
  1. Copying any published materials. This includes printing, photography, audio/video recording, and any other method of copying the materials.
  2. Transmission of materials over any kind of network. This includes transmission for non-profit.
  3. Lending of materials. This of course also includes rental of materials.
  4. Translation, re-arrangements, editing, dramatization or film-adaptations of the materials.
  5. Any other conduct limited by copyright or other laws.
*The above 4 points are mere examples of prohibited conduct, and any other conduct may be prohibited as well.


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. does not make any explicit or implied guarantees about any of the site's contents, functions or data materials. We do not take any responsibility for damages, costs, and data loss when using this website even in the below examples.

  1. Any problems with the contents (normality, accuracy, reliability, marketability, suitability for a particular purpose) of the site.
  2. When on any of the sites or servers there is a virus or any other malicious data.
  3. Any failure with sending or receiving data materials on any of the sites.
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