I have received a "communication error" or "No_method_error" message and can't play the app.


A "No_method_error" message may show up when the downloaded data sets were incomplete. We suggest that players try re-downloading the app to alleviate this issue. Please be aware that due to issues either with your network connection or your device itself, that data sets may not be able to be downloaded completely. We therefore ask that you first check the points listed below to avoid said issues from hindering downloads:

- Confirm that your device has 1 GB of RAM and 1 GB of internal memory (ROM) for the app to run (excluding SD card capacities).

- Try using a different internet connection to download the app (e.g. turn off the router and leave it for a few minutes, then turn it back on; try using a different access point).

- Delete apps that you do not need (to prevent from apps contending for memory or making room for other downloads).

- Try clearing cache from your device completely by using a cache cleaner app (the reason being that even when some apps are deleted from a device, cached data can remain).

- Check the settings for any security or firewall software that may be preventing you from downloading the app (since some firewalls can affect your connectivity, try altering your security settings).

- Check to see that your device and router are not excessively far away; that too many devices aren’t connected to the router; or that there aren’t any other devices causing electromagnetic interference (such as telephones or microwaves).

- Confirm if you can log in and play the app smoothly with a different device you own or an acquaintance’s. 

- Make sure that no issues have arisen from recent actions you may have taken, such as newly installed or updated apps or OS.  


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