Connection errors occurring during battle
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The following may be possible causes.
- Playing at a location with an unstable internet connection
- Depending on the network, there may be other devices, such as computers, game consoles, or phones that are taking up large amounts of data
- The device does not have enough storage
- A security program affecting internet connection has been activated
- Using a VPN
*Connection errors are not caused by the connection conditions of other players.

■How to resolve
Please try the following.
- Play at a location with a stable internet connection
- Change the network connection (Wi-Fi/4G/5G, etc.)
- Check the settings of the other devices, such as computers, game consoles, or phones connected to the network
- Restart "ONE PIECE Bounty Rush"
- In "ONE PIECE Bounty Rush", go to Menu > Options > System and switch to Lite Mode under Performance Settings
- Close all applications other than "ONE PIECE Bounty Rush"
- Check the network related settings for security and VPN programs
- Restart connection equipment, such as the router or device

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