How can I transfer my game data to another device?
Data Transfer


By linking your game data, you will be able to continue playing that title from where you left off if your device breaks or you change to a new one.

1. Tap the button in the top right of the screen with three lines

2. Select "Link Data"

3. After reading the precautions, tap "OK"

4. Choose whichever method to transfer data that you prefer (image is from an iOS device)

- Only one type of transfer settings can be applied.
- If you delete your Apple, Google, or Facebook account after applying transfer settings, you will no longer be able to transfer your game data.
- Currently valid Rush Passes and Rainbow Diamonds cannot be transferred when moving an account to a device with a different OS.
- Please transfer data in a location with a stable Internet connection. Failing to do so can lead to data being corrupted.

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