How to find player name and IDs
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Find your "Player name" and "IDs" with the following steps. 

■Steps to locate the Account ID 
Check it from the top left corner of the game title screen. 
※ Displayed in the area labeled "Account"

■Steps to find the Player Name
Player name is positioned on the top left corner of the home screen. 

Steps to find the Player ID
[1] Tap the area of the top left corner of the home screen where "Player name" is displayed. 

[2] Your "Player ID" will be displayed on the left side of the profile page.

Steps to find the Transfer ID
[1] Tap the menu ([≡] mark) on the upper-right corner of the home screen. 

[2] Tap "Link Data

[3] Tap "OK

[4] Tap "Enter Transfer ID/Password
     ※It cannot be selected if other data link has been performed.

[5] Enter a password of 8 to 12 characters and tap "Register this password." 

[6] "Transfer ID" will be set and it can be confirmed from the confirmation page.

※ For data transfer details please click Here
※ According to the Terms of Service, to exchange, transfer, trade accounts are prohibited. 
Do not share or offer your "Transfer ID/password" or "SNS account ID/password" to anyone else. 
(Your account will most likely be hacked.) 
Please be noted that we cannot deal with any issues caused by accounts exchange, transferring, and trading.

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