【DB LEGENDS】What's the difference between the character rarities?
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From top to bottom, the rarities are ULTRA, SPARKING, EXTREME, and HERO.
Among the SPARKING rarity, there are also the extremely powerful LEGENDS LIMITED characters who possess devastating finishing moves that can end a battle with a special cinematic known as a LEGENDARY FINISH.
ULTRA characters may be the rarest, but some can even be acquired through in-game Events.

Rarity is a good indicator of a character's strength, but that doesn't mean a party full of rare characters is all it takes to win in battle.
The keys to winning in PvP are party formation, battle strategy, character training, etc., so don't go in thinking that there's no way an EXTREME character can beat a SPARKING one.
Try out a bunch of party formations in PvP, Story modes, and various Events to see which one can take you to the top of the rankings.

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