【DB LEGENDS】What's a Limit Break?
How to Play & Controls


When you acquire a certain amount of a character's Z Power, they will Limit Break.
You can see how many times a character has Limit Broken by checking the number of ★ they have.
After Limit Breaking a certain number of times, characters' stats will increase, and at ★3, ★6, and ★7+, their party-buffing Z Abilities will be upgraded.
When certain characters Limit Break all the way to ★7, they can Zenkai Awaken by collecting Awakening Z Power.
If you wish to see which of your characters is capable of Zenkai Awakening, you can use the filter on the Party Formation screen to set the "Zenkai Awakening: Applicable" option to "Applicable".
*See "MENU > Other > Help > Characters" for more information on Z Power and Awakening Z Power.

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