【DB LEGENDS】How do I use the Multi-Z Power I've obtained?
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There are 3 ways to use Multi-Z Power.
1. When receiving Multi-Z Power, a dialog box will appear asking if you would like to use it. Tap "Use".
2. If you selected "Use it later" when receiving Multi-Z Power, you can still use it at any time from "MENU > Item > Multi-Z Power" by selecting the Multi-Z Power you wish to use.
3. While on a character's details page, if you have any Multi-Z Power that character can use, you can select it by tapping "Use Multi-Z Power".

Multi-Z Power with "LEGENDS LIMITED" in its conditions can only be used on LEGENDS LIMITED characters.
Multi-Z Power that does not have "LEGENDS LIMITED" in its conditions cannot be used on LEGENDS LIMITED characters. Please confirm which characters your Multi-Z Power can be used on before attempting to use it.
Please note that any excess Z Power obtained from Multi-Z Power that goes over a character's limit will be discarded and will not be converted into Z Medals.

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