[All Systems: General] DLC does not show up in international versions of a game (obtaining DLC made for sale in a different region's market)
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When the original game and its DLC are sold or distributed in differing countries or regions, you may not be able to use the DLC.


You play the Japanese version of the original game, but want to buy the North American version of its DLC, etc.

Games and their DLC are developed under the assumption that the purchaser will be using the same regional version for both, and will play on the version of the given gaming console sold in said region.

Players are also assumed to be residing in the same region as the game version they play. Therefore, if the original game and the DLC are not from the same region, you will not be able to play.

Please confirm which version of the original game software you have before purchasing DLC.

*We do not confirm the compatibility between each region's software and DLC, thus we are unable to provide a warranty or aftercare support services.

*We do not allow returns or refunds if your purchased content does not work.

*You can check which region or country a game is from by checking its rating details. On physical copies, this may be found on the cover of the game. On digital editions, this may be found on its store page.

*Japanese versions will display a "CERO" rating.

[Examples of situations in which we cannot guarantee compatibility]

•Playing a version of a game from your country of residence but on a gaming console from a differing region

•Playing a game or DLC made for your country of residence while visiting a different region

•Using DLC made for a region differing from your own while in your own country of residence

•Playing a game using an account set to a region that differs from your own


We also ask that you please use digital edition and DLC download codes using an account that matches your country of residence as we cannot guarantee codes will work on accounts for differing regions.

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