I purchased an item but it was not added to my account, what can I do?

In-app purchase may not function correctly under the following circumstances;
[1] When your device is under high stress
Please conduct the following operation and retry under good communication circumstances;
-Restart your device
-Close all running apps (Stop multi-task)
-Restart the app
[2] Reflection may be delayed with various kinds of issue, mainly with communication error
After conducting the in-app purchase, sometimes the result may be delayed to come out with various kinds of issue such as App Store side server communication delay.
Please be informed that sometimes this may take 2-3 days, so please be patient until then.
[3] If none of [1] and [2] did not help you with your situation
We need the following information to properly assist you.
(1)Order day and time
(3)Purchased item name
(4)User ID
(5)User Name
*If you have been conducting several transactions, we need details of every one of them which may not functioning correctly
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