Why don't additional contents carry over to games in different regions? (Regarding the use of additional contents distributed for other regions)
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If the region of the main game and additional content differs, there may be cases where the additional content cannot be used.

For example, when playing the Japanese version of the main game, purchasing the North American version of the additional content, etc.

Game software and additional contents are developed with the premise of being played within the country or region for which the game console sold (distributed) matches, using the game console sold (distributed) for that country or region. Therefore, if the region of the main game and additional content differs, they cannot be used together.

If you intend to purchase additional content, please confirm the region of your existing main game before purchasing.

*We do not conduct compatibility tests for software and additional content sold in each country, and we cannot guarantee their operation or provide after-sales service.

*No refunds or returns will be accepted even if the purchased items are not usable.

*You can confirm the country or region through the cover of the packaged version or the store page of the download version, where the rating is indicated.

*In the case of the Japanese domestic version, it is marked with "CERO".


Examples of cases where operation cannot be guaranteed

Playing software intended for your own region on a game console sold for a different region

Playing software and additional content intended for your own region in a different region

Applying additional content distributed for a region to your own region

Playing with an account intended for a different region than your own


Please note that we cannot guarantee the use of codes to download software or additional content in an account intended for a country or region other than your own. Please use it with your own region's account.

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