About Time Zone with your Inquiry

Thank you for using Bandai Namco Games service and products.
We would like to inform all customers who are playing our app.
We kindly ask you to send us an inquiry for the issue you have experienced in GMT(Greenwich Mean Time).
This is in order for us to know your correct situation of your concern.
Therefore, please refer to following time zone difference for the GMT.
GMT-12 Baker Island, Howland Island
GMT-11 American Samoa, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau
GMT-10 Hawaii, Aleutian Islands west
GMT-9 Alaska
GMT-8 the United States, Canada and Mexico (Pacific Ocean time)
GMT-7 the United States, Canada and Mexico (Mountain Time)
GMT-6 United States, Canada and Mexico (Central Time)
GMT-5 United States, Canada (Eastern Time), Cuba, Peru
GMT-4:30 Venezuela
GMT-4 Canada (Atlantic time), the majority of the Lesser Antilles, Brazil (Amazon time), Chile
GMT-3:30 Canada (Newfoundland)
GMT-3 Brazil (Brazil time), Argentina, Greenland
GMT-2 Brazil (Fernando de Noronha Island)
GMT-1 Azores, Cape Verde
GMT±0 United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Iceland, Africa west of Morocco, Ghana, etc.
GMT+1 Central European time (France, Germany, etc.), West Africa time (Nigeria, Congo, etc.)
GMT+2 Eastern European Time (Finland, Greece, etc.), Central African time, South Africa
GMT+3 Russia (Kaliningrad), Ukraine, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, East Africa Time
GMT+3:30 Iran
GMT+4 Russia (Moscow), Azerbaijan, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates, Mauritius
GMT+4:30 Afghanistan
GMT+5 Pakistan
GMT+5:30 India
GMT+5:45 Nepal
GMT+6 Russia (Yekaterinburg), Kazakhstan, Bangladesh
GMT+6:30 Myanmar, Cocos Islands
GMT+7 Russia (Omsk), Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, Jakarta
GMT+8 Russia (Krasnoyarsk), China, Mongolia, Malaysia, Australia (Western Australia)
GMT+8:45 Australia (Eucla)
GMT+9 Russia (Irkutsk), South Korea, Japan, Palau
GMT+9:30 Australia (Northern Territory, State of South Australia)
GMT+10 Russia (Yakutsk), Guam, Australia Eastern Time
GMT+10:30 Australia (Lord Howe Island)
GMT+11 Russia (Vladivostok), Solomon Islands, New Caledonia
GMT+12 Russia (Magadan), New Zealand, Fiji, Kiribati (Gilbert Islands)
GMT+12:45 New Zealand (Chatham Island)
GMT+13 Tonga, Kiribati (Phoenix Islands), Samoa (2012 or later), Tokelau (2012 or later)
GMT+14 Kiribati (Line Islands)
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.