How can I issue data transfer password?
Data Transfer


lease set up data transfer password by the following procedure.
※In order to issue necessary password for data transfer, it is necessary to link data beforehand.
Please re-issue the Data Transfer Password again once you link your game data on the title screen.
● For "Data Linkage", please refer to here.

[1] Go to "Village" > "Menu" ([≡] button at the top-right corner) > "Settings" > "Other" > "Data Transfer"
[2] Enter your Birthday on the Data Transfer screen
[3] You will be issued a User ID
[4] Select “Issue Data Transfer Password”
[5] Confirm the Warning Information regarding the issuing of a Data Transfer Password
[6] You will be issued a “Data Transfer Password” when you press "OK"
[7] Once your password has been issued, make sure to keep your User ID and Password safe
*Data Transfer Password is a password required when you transfer data between different OS, such as Android to iOS, iOS to Android.
*When transferring from one OS to another such as Android to iOS, iOS to Android, your app-specific currency will not carry over to your new save file and lost.
*Your Data Transfer Password has an expiration date.
*It will expire 14 days after the date it was issued.
*Before using the transfer service, please take down a handwritten memo of necessary User ID and Data Transfer Password or email it to your PC to save it.
*Data Transfer Password will become invalid when transfer data has already been used once.
*Even if the data transfer information is not set again and it becomes impossible to transfer, we do not activate the data transfer information, not respond data transfer request.
* If you transfer play data to a new device, you cannot play on the old device.

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