Are there any notes I should be aware of while I do Data Transfer?
Data Transfer


Please be noted for the data transfer is as follows.

Please refer here for transfer information and transfer procedure.

●If you are in the process of purchasing, the purchase request will be canceled.

●After your data was transferred from your original device to the new one, you cannot play with your original device anymore.

If you would like to play with your old device at any cost, perform account liking in your new device,

transfer your play data and then start playing the application with your old device.

※ Note for transfer code

・ The Transfer code never expires.

・ The transfer code can be issued as many times as possible, but only the latest transfer code will be valid.

※ Note for management of data transfer information

・ If the transfer setting has not yet been completed or the required transfer information is unknown, you will not be able to transfer data to another device.

・ Before starting to play the game, make sure to set up the data transfer and keep a memo of the transfer information or email it to your PC.

    Since the game developers or operators are not able to disclose the data transfer information for any reason (loss etc.), make sure to keep it safe for yourself.

 ( If you save a screenshot or e-mail it, you may not be able to access them, especially when your device is lost or damaged.)

・ Besides the「Data Transfer Setting in the Game Application」, the data backup setting on the PC is not guaranteed for successful data transfer.

※ Note for data transfer

・ Please find a stable internet connection when transferring your data.

・ If the internet connection is lost during the process of data transfer, the transfer code will become invalid. 

※ Note for data transfer between different OS

・ Data transfer between different OS is possible. 

Please note that the 「Rainbow Diamond」and「Event pass」,「Rush 30」 cannot be carried over when transferring game data between devices with a different OS.

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