I cannot connect with other players on the "Connecting Screen".
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If you want to play on the Connecting Screen, the device you are using will require connection to the Internet.

Please ensure that your device has permission to use mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection that is connected to the Internet.

If your device is connected to the Internet but cannot connect to other players, please confirm the following to solve the issue.

If the following suggestions do not solve your issue, please relaunch the App (quit the App from the App Switcher and then open it again).

・ Are the Apps the most up-to-date version on both devices?

Please ensure that you and your friend are using the latest update from the App Store. If not, please download the latest version.

・ Are you signed into separate Apple IDs?

You cannot connect to a user that is using the same Apple ID as you. Please sign into separate Apple IDs.

・ Are you sure the "Secret Code" you entered is correct?

You cannot connect to other players unless both of you enter the same "Secret Code". In the case that you connected to a player you did not intent to play with, please change the “Secret Code” and try again. This may occur when other players are using the same “Secret Code” at the same time in a different place.

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